Mastering Self-Love & Living A  Purposeful Life on Your Own Terms with Psychological Astrology

Lacie Ong

Astro Relationship Coach & Astrologer

You Don’t Have To Feel Stuck, Or That You Are Not Good Enough

Are You:

  • Sick and tired of your current situation and want to make a radical change to it or get rid of the repeated issues that are coming up?

  • Hanging onto a toxic relationship but struggling to walk away because you are afraid to be single and alone?  Or struggling to move on after a divorce/breakup because you are afraid of being hurt again?

  • Feeling overwhelmed with what’s going on in your life?  The bumps, the challenges that even everyday life brings you and you can’t seem to get a lucky break.

  • Feeling stuck, lost & directionless?  You are constantly searching for something to complete you, fill you up, and make you happy.

  • Always feeling that you are not good enough, or smart enough to do the things you want to do.

  • Comparing yourself to others constantly?  You are envious of how easy it is for other people to do the things they want to do but not for you.


The Process

1. Purposeful(l)

 – The Art of Being UnStuck

We will delve deep into your unique Astrological birth chart and identify your old patterns and negative behaviours.  You will learn to apply Psychological Astrology to to find your soul purpose, reframe your mindset and, overcome any self-limiting beliefs. We will create practical strategies, not just what you envision your life could be, but a roadmap for how to get there.  On your own terms.



2. Step Into Your Magic

 – Be The BadAss Boss Of Your Life

Learn my no nonsense guide to silence your inner critic and be fiercely confident, fabulously healthy and bursting with love.  Master self-love through self-acceptance and self-care.  Live a life incited by passion, purpose and epic possibility.  Always, all the time.



3. Elevate

 – The guide to a rocking YOU & relationships

A guide to deep love, rocking relationships and soulful intimacy.  Call in your soulmate, take your relationships to the next level, experience absolute self-love.  I will share with you deeply personal stories, useful tools and help you elevate and enrich the relationships in your life — including the most important one of all, the one with yourself.



Hi! I am Lacie

I am a Professional Astrologer and an Astro Relationship Coach.  I help women in any kind of relationship dilemmas, those dealing with confidence or self-acceptance issues, those who are feeling stuck, lost and directionless, to find their footing again.  I provide a guided journey using Psychological Astrology, to help you embrace the badass part of your personality, to triumph against that negative fear-based voice, that tells you that you are not good enough, pretty enough or smart enough.  The voice of doubt, ego, fear and everything negative, that stops you from doing the things you have always imagined.

What Clients Are Saying

Thank you for an insightful afternoon Lacie =) I walked away with clarity, intention and was all round happier about the decisions that I had in mind. It’s also very reassuring to know that I can come back to you with questions =)

Audrey Chong

Business Owner and EA

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