The 5 Elements – Battle of the Metals

In Chinese Metaphysics, there are 5 elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth vs Western Astrology, with 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

Learning both Eastern & Western Astrology has allowed me to use both modalities to expand on my readings and add useful information in my consultations with my clients.

The 5 Elements – Battle of the Metals

Yesterday, I heard my 2 youngest boys talking about getting a birthday present for their older brother who is studying in Sydney. This warms my heart, not just for the gesture & remembering his birthday coming up, but also how close all my 3 boys are to each other. As a single mom, moments like this, I am reminded that I have done a good job in raising these boys.  One of the reasons I studied Chinese Metaphysics & Western Astrology was not just to learn more about myself but also about my boys, reading their charts & see the areas they might be struggling, things that excite them, best way to communicate with them, the potentials in them etc.

For a while, my middle son and I would constantly be at loggerheads.  We simply could not communicate with each other without ending in arguments, terrible word fights, shouting matches.  Nothing I said seem to sit well with him, it would just triggered him to annoyance and sometimes, anger.  And I think he felt the same way about me, that I was always finding faults with him every time I talked to him.  The arguments were constant.  I could not understand why we were clashing so much and why we had so much difficulties talking to each other.  We were both frustrated and the only way to keep peace, was not to talk to each other.  But that was not the solution, at least not one I desire.  I wanted our communication to be better and I wanted us to be able to talk to each other decently, and to keep trying.

One of the first things I learned from Chinese Metaphysics (BaZi) was the 5 elements – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.  I found out that C’s (my middle son) Day Master was the Yang Metal 庚 and mine was the Yin Metal 辛.  Yang Metal 庚 is like an axe, using brute force and strength to “chope” away anything in its way.  Yin Metal 辛 is likened to fine jewelry, diamonds or a thin knife, cutting away.  No wonder we were always fighting so nosily (arguments)!  It was the battle of the metals!  Just imagine 2 pieces of metals clashing with each other and the noise they would be making!  Yang Metal C is also very stubborn but very loyal and steadfast.  He will do anything for his family, for his brothers and I have seen how well he takes care of his youngest brother.  He is also one for the brotherhood, friends as brothers for e.g.  Those are the traits of a Yang Metal 庚.  Understanding his element and reading his chart, I have learnt to find a way to communicate better with him and shed clarity why it was particularly harder communicating with him than my other 2 boys.

My oldest L and my youngest F on the other hand, are a Yang Wood 甲 and a Yin Wood 乙.   The Yang Wood is like a big tree, upright, honest, straightforward and the Yin Wood is like the vines, going along with the flow, being charming,  witty and at times, manipulative!  In Chinese Metaphysics, Yang Metal 庚 and Yin Wood 乙 is a match made in heaven and get along very well.  And this is so true for my 2nd one C and youngest F.  I used to tell people I could never separate them and they adore the hell of each other, despite the 5 years age gap!   For my oldest boy, he can be rigid (like the big tree) and it takes me a little time to get him to see my points of view (imagine a small knife shaving away and making the tree useful, which takes time).




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