Have You Been Single For More Than 2 Years?

May 1, 2022 | Relationships


You might have been single. because you came out of a very long term relationship/marriage, and took the time to get over an ending of a major chapter of your life.  Now, after a couple of years, you are ready to start dating again, to find someone to share the next chapter of your life.  Putting yourself out there could be daunting but this is in fact the least of your challenges, as you will soon find out.  Not only it is scary to go back into the dating pool or more aptly, the dating apps game, you will soon realised that the dating pool has gotten a lot smaller, especially if you are going back into dating in your 40s, 50s. You will find yourself having to learn the new rules of this dating game, choosing which dating apps, signing up for the apps, learning to swipe the right people, having the skills for great virtual conversations, going on a lot of dates (much like practice), and hopefully, at the end, get to the relationship you want.  But is that all it is? 

For me personally, I thought I could easily get into a relationship when I was ready, like how difficult could it be?  Just finding the right dating apps to install, keep swiping, chatting, exchange numbers, go on dates and then you fall madly in love.  Now, nearly 9 years later, other than a few short-term relationships in between, I am still single.  I didn’t understand why and what I was doing wrong.  What was the repeated patterns or psychological barriers that were holding me back?  Sometimes, I even questioned the type of guys I was looking for, the traits that I was attracted to but really should not.

So, how do you stay ahead of this dating game?

Your astrological chart can describe your approach to relationships, the traits you are attracted to, traits that are essential for the person to possess, challenges for forming a relationship (for singles) and challenges in sustaining a relationship (those in existing relationships).

For example, for the women, if your Mars is in the sign of Gemini, you are susceptible to dating an eloquent guy, someone who is witty and intelligent.  And if your Sun is in Aries in the 4th House, this means for you a long term partner, he needs to be action-oriented motivated by family security.

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