Nasty Gal Masterclass

Mastering The Nasty Gal

She is that voice inside of you that tells you that you are ugly, stupid and will never be good enough,   She is the voice of fear, doubt, ego that stops you from doing the things that you always imagined.  She is the Nasty Gal that is always putting you down, bullying you into thinking that you will never be able to measure up.  She is your inner critic that you want to silence.  Learn how to master this nasty gal in you, so that you can be wildly confident, live life passionately, fabulously healthy and bursting with amazing love.  I will share with you deeply personal stories how I overcome my Nasty Gal and took the steps to live my life on my own terms.  I will share with you tips on how you can find love within yourself and what it means to experience soulful intimacy, to jump in to trying new things and live in the moments.   We will have honest conversations about mind blowing and soulful sex, calling in soulmates, taking your relationships to the next level.

Is This You?

    Low Self-Esteem

    You are always telling yourself that you don’t deserve all the things you want.  You are too afraid to go after the life you imagined.  You don’t believe it when other people tell you that you are beautiful or smart enough or funny, anything that seems too good to be true.

    You Want More To The Life That You Have Now

    You want more adventures, more experiences, more love, more to what you have in your life now.  You have imagined a life that you could have but struggle with your confidence to go after it.

    You D0n’t Know Where To Start

    You know what you want but struggle to know how to start on this journey you imagined, to go after the things you want.  You want a roadmap to what your life could be, have someone to help you along the way, giving you tips and heads up of potential potholes and challenges.

    Nasty Gal Masterclass

    Be The BadAss Boss Of Your Life


    • A 1:1 coaching programme that includes a supportive, structured framework that you can progressively apply in your personal purposeful journey
    • Personal Psychological Astrology Matrix
    • Personal Relationship Profiling Report
    • Personal tips & tools from Lacie’s archives to jump start a ton of fabulosity in your life
    • A no-nonsense guided journey to being the badass boss of your life
    • Being part of an amazing community of women with your special Boss access to events, talks etc.

    Note: Duration of coaching programme (1 to 3 months) varies as required

    Consultation fees start from S$750

    How Do I Know If This Is Right for Me?


    For You If


    • You want to deal with the inner critic once and for all, that has been the Devil’s whisperer in your ears
    • You want to stop wishing that you are the girls you see that are taking charge of their life
    • You want to be THE GIRL that others wish they were
    • You want to live life on your own terms
    • You are looking to be a living example of how a Badass boss is

    Not For You If


    • You are just looking for kumbayaya sessions to feel good
    • You are not open to new ideas, new adventures, new experiences or taking yourself out of your comfort zone
    • You cannot handle a no-nonsense, no bs approach
    • You are only looking for praises and validation
    • You are jealous of other women’s success

    Booking A Consultation

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    2. Quick Chat

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    3. Schedule An Appointment

    We’ll schedule an appointment once you have made your payment.

    4. The Consultation

    We’ll meet online via Zoom or in person, whichever you prefer.

    Request For An Assessment Call

    To request a 30-minute assessment call with Lacie:

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    2. Details submitted via this form goes directly to Lacie, so to help her prepare best for the call, describe the challenge(s) you’re facing as clearly as you can.

    What To Expect:
    We will get in touch with you to schedule a quick chat and answer any queries you may have with regards to the consult.