The Art of Being UnStuck

You are struggling with the lack of motivation to get things done.  You feel stuck, lost and directionless.  Life seems to be one big washing machine that just keeps bringing you back to the feeling of helplessnessYou are sick and frustrated with the current situations you are in and want to take progressive steps in your life.  But you question what is your soul purpose that will make you feel that your life is meaningful.  You want to take charge of your life without the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from moving forward.  You  are ready to begin your personal journey but lack the know-how to do it.  You want to know the roadmap to what your life could be.

Is This You?

    You Have Been Feeling Stuck

    This is not something new to you but one that you are sick and frustrated with and wants to get out of feeling lost and directionless.  You want a radical change, to find your sense of purpose, to know that your life journey is meaningful.

    Being Motivated Is A Constant Struggle

    You lack the motivation to keep up with working on yourself.  You constantly compare yourself with others with how easy it is for them and feels that it is too much hard work for you.

    You Feel All Alone In Your Journey

    You often feel all alone in your journey and no one around you seems to understand what you are going through.  At times, you are not even sure the decisions you are making are leading you towards your unique life purpose.  You lack the support and guidance to help you in this challenging personal journey.



    The Art of Being UnStuck


    • A 1:1 coaching programme that includes a supportive, structured framework that you can progressively apply in your personal purposeful journey
    • Personal Psychological Astrology Matrix
    • Understanding Your North Node aka life purpose & your Nodes placement
    • Practical strategies to overcome self-limiting beliefs and create empowering beliefs
    • Written Report with 18-Month Personal Forecast

    Note: Duration of coaching programme (1 to 3 months) varies as required

    Consultation fees start from S$750

    How Do I Know If This Is Right for Me?


    For You If


    • You want a guided supportive and structured program
    • You want a powerful tool that you can progressively apply on your own as you move forward in your healing journey
    • You want to construct and create new positive patterns that you will be empowered to live by
    • You want to create empowering beliefs that will keep you from having self-doubts

    Not For You If


    • You are not ready to face your personal traumas
    • You cannot commit the time to this programme
    • You are not prepared for any hard work
    • You are not ready to give up old patterns
    • You blame others for the circumstances you are in
    • You have other priorities other than working on yourself
    • You are not open to be being truthful
    • Investing in your transformation is too “expensive”

    Booking A Consultation

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    3. Schedule An Appointment

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    4. The Consultation

    We’ll meet online via Zoom or in person, whichever you prefer.

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    What To Expect:
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