Relationship Astrology Profiling

Oh My Venus!!!

Venus: symbolises our urge to co-operate and share with others, our desire to give and harmonise, to love and be loved.

To some, relationships come easily and to others, it is a struggle to even meet someone to date!  For those who are single, why is it not happening for you?  Is the Universe conspiring to stop you from experiencing this wonderful thing called Love?  Or you meet someone and think, this is the person!  But to only be ghosted after a while.  Is there something wrong with you?  Are you not good enough to be dated?  Are you “doomed” to be single forever?

For those in relationships, all is not clear either!  You might be having issues in your current relationship.  Worst, these issues are happening not in just one relationship , but in multiple relationships.  Issues are coming up again and again that are causing problems in your relationships.  In fact, you seem to be stuck in a loop of endless repeated patterns and behaviours that are getting you nowhere.  The worst thing is, you might not even notice these repeated patterns.  You KEEP getting into similar toxic relationships, having similar fights, being attracted to the wrong guys, or even finding yourself unable to commit to a relationship, again. 

In either case, you are sick and tired of your current situation and want to get out of it.  You want to know WHY you are stuck in this hopeless relationship (or non-relationship) situations.

Is This You?

    Why Am I Still Single?

    You see your friends, family members, just anyone else, going on dates, getting into relationships and you can’t even meet anyone to go on a single date.  You wonder if something is wrong with you, are you not pretty enough, smart enough, good enough for anyone to want to date you?  Or you get friend zoned all the time.   You wonder what is the missing link.

    Same Relationships Patterns

    Once again, your relationships are not working out.  It could be that you keep having the same arguments over and over again with your partner, or you keep attracting the wrong type of people in your relationships, and even being unable to commit to any relationship.

    You Don’t Know What You Want

    When it comes to relationships or a partner, you know what you don’t want but you don’t know what you want.  You keep going through one relationship/partner after another, hoping to find the one you want.  But how can you when you don’t even know what you are looking for?

    Hanging On To Toxic Relationship

    You are frustrated and tired of feeling stuck and going nowhere with your relationships.  You could be hanging onto a toxic relationship and unable to let go, because the familiar is “easier” than being alone.  Or you are unable to move on even if a relationship has ended.

    Relationship Astrology Profiling



    • 90-minute Direct Consultation via Zoom
    • Personal Psychological Astrology Matrix
    • Personal Relationship Profiling                                   

    Relationship Astrology Consultation



    • 120-minute Direct Consultation via Zoom
    • Personal Psychological Astrology Matrix
    • Written Report with 18-month Personal Forecast

    Consultation fees start from S$250

    How Do I Know If This Is Right for Me?


    For You If


    • You want to address blind spots in the situation you are dealing with
    • You are ready to commit and work on yourself
    • You want to manage your personal weaknesses and break negative cycles
    • You want to get clarity on what factors and psychological barriers that are holding you back in your relationships
    • You want to discover the debilitating patterns that are causing issues in your life

    Not For You If


    • You are looking for a fortune-telling session telling you for e.g. if you ex will come back to you
    • You are curious and want to know what Astrology is
    • You hope for a quick fix session that will make all your problems go away 
    • You just want your astrological chart to tell you what to do
    • You are interested in the “ifs” and not the “hows”
    • You are not ready to be held accountable for your actions

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    4. The Consultation

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    What To Expect:
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