Why Are You Not Attracting The Right Guy?

May 1, 2022 | Relationships

If you have been single, either recently or for a while now, you will soon realize entering into the dating world again, especially after being in a long term relationship, is daunting. There are so many things that you will soon notice,

  • The dating world has changed drastically
  • Everyone is picking up dates online
  • There are a lot of dating apps, all with different success rates and with different “reputation”
  • You might be swiping and dating the same guys that some of your other single friends are
  • It is a very very small dating pool
  • You will be dating a lot, and I mean a lot of people, unfortunately, mostly bad or the wrong ones. And this is the one thing that probably makes you want to give up dating entirely and remain single for the rest of your life!

So, where are all the good guys??? More specifically, where is the right guy for you? You find yourself attracted to the same guys who can’t commit, who won’t commit, who are wrong, who seems to be The One at first but then stopped communicating after a few dates, leaving you wondering what did you do wrong or what is wrong with you that you can’t seem to attract the right guy? It could also be there are some who like you but you find yourself not liking them back. You kept going for the guys who are not available emotionally, physically or even mentally. You seem stuck in this endless loop of swipe, match, chat, date(s) and repeat.

Now, the questions you may ask yourself is, are these guys really wrong or “bad” guys or in fact, is it you or your behaviour, who keep looking for these “bad” or “wrong” guys. And if it is you and your behaviours that are stopping you from finding the right guy, which one, or ones, of the behaviours, should you be looking at to change?

Psychological Astrology will show you which behaviours are the blockers to your relationships, your dating or simply your life.

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